ZMC Express Cargo Company

Founded because of necessity…

Founded because of necessity, ZMC Express Cargo thrives on delivering seamless logistics in the Middle East. Its leadership, strategic branches, and innovative solutions reflect a commitment to meeting diverse shipping needs seamlessly.

Here to stay…

Here to stay and standing tall in the forefront of shipping services, ZMC Express Cargo thrives with a prominent footprint, innovative solutions, and a steadfast commitment, ensuring enduring excellence in the logistics landscape.

ZMC Express Cargo History timeline

  • 2012



    Established in the UAE, ZMC Express Cargo initiated a Dubai branch for comprehensive logistical services and support.

  • 2013

    Erbil Expansion

    Expanding operations, ZMC Express Cargo establishes a new branch in Erbil, Iraq, enhancing logistical capabilities.



  • 2014


    Sea Freight Branch

    UAE branch inaugurated, enhancing sea freight services with strategic location and advanced logistics capabilities.

  • 2015

    COD Express

    Introducing an exclusive Cash on Delivery local delivery service, ensuring swift and secure transactions.



  • 2016


    Iraq Expansion

    Strategic growth as ZMC Express Cargo opens multiple branches in Iraq, broadening reach and services.

  • 2017

    Southern Iraq Expansion

    ZMC Express Cargo extended its presence with new branches in the active southern region of Iraq.



  • 2018


    Istanbul Inauguration

    ZMC Express Cargo marked a milestone with the opening of a new branch in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 2019

    Dubai Freezone Branch

    ZMC Express Cargo established a strategic presence with a new branch in the Dubai Freezone.



  • 2020


    Expansion in Germany

    ZMC Express Cargo initiates a branch in Germany, enhancing operations with dedicated freight agents.

  • 2021

    Doha Debut

    ZMC Express Cargo ventures into Qatar with the inauguration of a new branch in Doha.



  • 2022


    Expansion in GCC

    ZMC Express Cargo strengthened its presence by opened a branch in Muscat, Oman, enhancing logistics operations.

  • 2023

    Gaziantep Expansion

    ZMC Express Cargo established a new branch in Gaziantep, Turkey, expanding its operational footprint.



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